Making the kids do art

Remembered to feed the cat…

Decided that I really had to organise the boys' school uniform today – it's only a week-and-a-half until they go back, and all their mates' mums are far more efficient than me, and have already completed the vile deed. As I don't do shopping anytime after midday, I had to kick elder teen out of bed. However, he was relatively compliant once I explained (patiently) that otherwise he would have to go to school in last session's very tight trousers. Normally I buy online, but as they've both grown over the summer it would have been size-guesswork, and I don't have time to send stuff back and try again.

In and out of uniform shop with trousers and jumpers by 9:40 am – it opened at 9:30. That's what I call successful.

But of course, then there's all the other stuff – like gym bags, and pencil cases, and "Can we go to the games shop, Mum?", and birthday presents for friend, and friend's son – which involved a trip to the incredibly popular geek shop. So now we're just about at lunch time, so obviously we have to stop for lunch, and by then we've eaten, so there's no point in going all the way home, when we could do something else.

So, I got to go to the Picasso exhibition. I won't say this was a popular move with the boys, but they are

both fairly resigned to art galleries by now, and elder son actually has a few pieces he will acknowledge as acceptable, one of which is actually in the same gallery as the exhibition. Younger son had a startlingly huge sulk as we ate lunch on a bench outside Dean Gallery, then accepted his lot and admitted to quite liking the bulls. I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition, although I think I've seen quite a lot of it before, but in different places. Got to say hello to Vulcan, and Iain Hamilton Findlay's Six Definitions which are my favourites – eldest's favourite is Paolozzi's workshop.

I need to learn more skills for this blogging lark – tonight I tried hyper linking, although I won't know if it's worked until after I hit the big red save button. I need to put something in the header; work out how to tell the machine I'm not in the US (Scotland – somewhere remote with sheep); download a UK English dictionary (all those red underlinings, yes I do spell organise with an s!); and figure out what all the buttons are for. I'm not altogether sure that the black stars are me either – but I'll stick with 'em until I've sorted some of the other stuff out. And I've got a brilliant 'photo of  the National Gallery decked out in Warhol Campbell's soup tins, which I'm going to try and put in before I finish – but I'm promising nothing.

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