Caution, slow learner…

I think I've managed to change it so I'm showing as in the UK rather than the US – and I may have managed to download an English (UK) dictionary, so that I can write organise as many times as I want without red lines… but I failed totally to get my nice picture of mountains into the top window. Back to the drawing board Mutley.

Interestingly, Mutley has a red line…

Exam results day minus one for eldest son – he's just starting to look a little stressed. I think. It's difficult to tell behind the curtain of hair. Then again, he may just be worried about his latest posting, he seems to be far more bothered about them. Hopefully everything will be OK tomorrow morning, if there's another flash postal strike I may kill someone.

Littlest had to go to the doctor (with his dad) today – he's been coughing for the past few weeks, and we were fairly sure his asthma was reappearing, although his peak flow readings have been steady throughout. However, the doc reckons that it's because he's growing so fast that he's outgrown his medication. So he's back on the higher doses again. Hopefully once he's through this growth spurt we'll be able to take the dosage down again. Apparently it's been a bad summer for asthma sufferers, because of the continual damp – it hasn't done my vegetable garden much good either – courgettes and beans don't grow underwater!

I think the thing that annoys me most is that I still have to water the tomatoes in the greenhouse every day, but at least the water butt is full.

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