Spider in the bath, spider in the bath

When Sam was a toddler there was a kid's cartoon called 'Spider' – and the theme tune was

Spider in the bath, spider in the bath,

There's a creepy crawly creepy crawly spider in the bath
You know he's only there 'cos he wants to have a laugh,
With hairy legs and beady eyes he'll terrify and tantalise –
and so on, for many more verses (which I can recite by heart, because some things never leave you)

When I went for my swim yesterday there was an absolutely enormous spider in the pool – I fished it out with the net, and the damned thing was still wriggling, even 'though I could swear it'd been completely waterlogged a few minutes previously. Do spiders have some kind of regeneration thing going? Do they breathe? Today, the janitor came and told me I couldn't swim as they had put chemicals in the pool this morning. I asked if they were cleaning out the spiders, the response was that the chemicals might kill them, but they'd still be in the water.

Now I'm in a real quandary about tomorrow – will the spiders have mutated into weird cryogenic (the pool's freezing, the heating's been off for a week now) robotic spider-things. Alternately, should I have rushed down this morning and rescued as many as I could before the chemicals took effect? Will I go in and find a mat of floating dead things – and will I be up to swimming in the pool after I've fished them all out (probably, the temptation of swimming will overcome my relatively minor scruples about dead things).

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