Killing the bunnies

I've spent most of this evening playing killer bunnies with my boys – it's really quite a horrifically addictive game, particularly because the puns are so bad (clever, but still bad). They now have about six sets of cards (thanks mainly to one of my brothers, who encourages them dreadfully) – which means that every game takes hours, and has way too many complications for me. On top of which, shuffling the cards requires massive hands, and even then you tend to end up with six zodiac cards in a row…

But we had fun, and it feels nice and old-fashioned to sit around the kitchen table and play games with my kids – especially ones that don't involve batteries or electricity. Thinking about it, it would have been hard to play by candle light, but I know what I mean! I suppose I'm actually very lucky that they still want to do things like that… it would still be good if we could play something with fewer strange and esoteric rules 'though – especially rules that mean that all my bunny cards (even the protected lucky clover ones) get removed by the mother ship and then destroyed because I rolled a ten on the black die. Not fair!

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