Precious time

Yesterday was one of those extremely rare days that I could spend in my husband's company (sans enfants) – the boys were at school, we both had the day off. So we went for a walk in the Pentlands, just the two of us. It was a stunningly beautiful day, not in terms of good weather, but in the way the weather changed around us as we walked. We walked out of Flotterstone, up Phantom's Cleuch from Glencorse reservoir, across country to Allermuir Hill – where we stood at the viewpoint and watched sunshine and showers across Edinburgh until we were too chilled to stay any longer. Then down to Castlelaw, and around the army firing range to the earth house near the hill fort.

I'd never been to the earth house before, it was a lot larger than looked possible from the outside. What I found really fascinating 'though was the information board – it had photos of the earth house being excavated in 1935 by members of the Edinburgh Prehistoric Society – a sort of double history, when they excavated it and had their (very formal) photographs take, they couldn't possibly have imagined how old-fashioned they would look now, or that they would be part of the history of the site.

From there we went back to Flotterstone for a pub lunch.

After that we went for a little jaunt up the path from Carlops – well I needed to walk off some of the lunch!

And in the course of the day, we managed to knock off four geocaches, including an ftf…

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