birthdays and growing

Eldest finally became

seventeen on Friday, although the infamous (and worrying) party is not until next weekend. I thought that his approaching adulthood would change his view of birthdays, but no, the traditional bits are obviously the best bits. So we were woken up early by a large lump landing on the end of our bed, carolling 'It's my birthday! It's my birthday! After unwrapping everything in two point six seconds (also traditional) he dove off to set up his birthday cards, leaving all the wrapping paper, bits of envelopes and scrag ends of sellotape all over my bed…

We had to have blowing out the candles on the birthday cake as well – of course – but he had to wait until after school for that.

In the meantime, youngest is growing like Topsy, and I reluctantly accepted this weekend that the only clothes that actually fit him are his school clothes and one pair of jeans which eldest passed on to him recently. And they're definitely second-hand. So, with husband and eldest son out walking, I decided this would be a good day to visit some shops… Littl'un really doesn't like shopping. At all.

After a somewhat stressful day we have returned home with the following items of apparel – one pair of chinos, which might just do for the wedding we have to go to in October, if global warming holds true and it's not freezing by then. One Hawaiian shirt which he chose to go with the chinos – he may only wear it once, but at least he was enthusiastic about it. One fleece which I chose, because it was really, really cheap and not black (he looks dreadful in black, like a sort of blonde baby vampire, only yellower) and one jumper because it has a death's head on the front. After that he stopped dead and refused to go any further. I suspect he may be somewhat short of clothes for the next few months, because I'm not taking him shopping again, and his father won't!

It was my nephew's christening today – we couldn't go, although I would have loved to. I haven't 'phoned to ask how it went, because they'll probably still have a house full of guests. But I wish they'd hurry up and post the photos on his picassa site so I can see him!

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