I suppose it’s nearly Autumn

I know this because tonight skeins of geese were flying over the house. At this time of year, in the evening, they fly across in their hundreds. It's a wonderful sight (and sound). Tonight there were three geese trying to catch up after all the rest had gone over. I hope they made it.

I've been in the garden all day, picking the last of the broad beans, sugar peas and tomatoes, and tidying up the beds once I'd taken all the harls out. It was sad to strip the tomatoes down, they were so late this year that large numbers didn't ripen but the frost we had on Monday had wilted the vines, so I've had to pick lots of them green. We'll have to make chutney I guess – perhaps Mum'll have a recipe.

The next step is to tidy my greenhouse up so I can move the lettuce pots and the strawberries in, maybe then they'll keep going for a bit longer. My greenhouse still has that lovely, unmistakeable tomatoey smell -  it won't stay long, but I'll breathe it in while I can! The strawberries will fragrance it after that for a while; they usually keep fruiting through to the end of October as long as I keep the greenhouse door shut, but that's a sweeter smell and somehow not quite so wholesome.

Now I need to go and make a list of what else I have to do before the weather disintegrates totally for this year.

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