’tis the season to be ill

Everyone around me – family and colleagues – seem to be ill just now. There are so many people with colds and coughs that my sympathy gene is quite worn out (it isn't one of my better personality traits anyway) – and now, with a family wedding coming up, and a holiday planned in mid-October (half term), I think I'm coming down with something too. And it's not like anyone's going to be nice to me after I've spent weeks telling them to stop coughing on me…

We got the tags back for our Duke of Edinburgh group ladybug tb today. Some kind soul had stolen the ladybird off them (and I had wound the cord through the eyelet hole of the dogtags, so it couldn't have come unattached by accident) and left the tags behind. Luckily a kind cacher sent them back to me, so now we have to decide how to reincarnate it. I feel a group decision coming on.

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