Braceless and kilted

Finally the orthodontist has taken off (de-bonded) eldest's braces. He is absolutely ecstatic – even though he'll still have retainer wires, possibly forever. We've spent about half an hour trying to take a 'photo of him braceless tonight, but he's so self-conscious that the grins look a bit (well, extremely) manic. In fact, the last photo I took would double nicely as a mug-shot for a psycho-killer (
Qu'est-ce que c'est?) if such is ever needed. 

He's had an exciting evening – his dad took him out for a driving lesson (we only got the insurance sorted last night – how on earth do so many people manage without a problem?), and he managed a three-hundred-and-sixty-five point turn, and got the car into second gear! I'm not wholly convinced that the (very) second-hand car will last as long as it's probably going to take to teach him to drive.

And then, I picked up his kilt for the wedding on Saturday from the hire place tonight on my way home. It's the first time he's worn a kilt, and he took about half an hour to work out what went where – refusing all help of course. He looks gorgeous (I would say that even if I wasn't his mother). Now all I have to worry about is plaiting his hair, not something I'm proving to be very good at, despite having practised all week. I may be reduced to stopping strangers outside the church and asking if they can do it… I'll try my brother's wife, simply because she's got long hair, so the chances are she's plaited it at least once! Then again, we could just brush it out and he could wear it loose.

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