Made it home

But we had some fun before we came back. We had a series of days out with littlest, who I think quite appreciated having us to himself for a change. We went to Foxton Locks – which is a truly fascinating place – and watched boats go up and boats go down for most of a day, interspersed with visits to the little museum there, and the pub for lunch. We had a day at the Space Centre in Leicester, a place I didn't even know existed until our hosts suggested it as a 'good day out' place. Littlest loved it – hundreds of buttons to press, and for a change none of them were on his father… And then we came home via Beamish, and possibly the best sweetshop in the world – we bought cinnamon balls, jelly-babies and lemon drops, and I've been rationing them out ever since. In fact, I think I feel a jelly-baby moment coming on.

I wasn't able to take any photos after Foxton, because littlest ran the batteries out on my camera, and like a muppet, I hadn't brought the charger cable away with me. It's a learning curve thingy.

Eldest stayed until the end of the week at his work placement, then came home by possibly the most torturous public transport route imaginable. He went from Leicester to Peterborough, Peterborough to Newcastle by train, and then from Newcastle to Edinburgh by bus because the West Coast line was having engineering work done this weekend. What a journey for him – he was exhausted by the time he got home (a week of 6am starts didn't help either). However he has really, really enjoyed his work placement – and if he tells me about cutting up mouse liver one more time, I may have to send him back and make him their responsibility! He appears to have 'acquired

' a lab coat as well – I hope they don't ask for it back, he's delighted to have one that hasn't been pre-used by hundreds of school kids.

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