Geocaching day out

Autumn leaves in the Big WoodComing down from Bow BrochSubscription Bridge at Stow 1Our Lady's Well 2
We had a whole day out day, with littlest and littlest's best friend. We stomped up to and around brochs (two of them, one at Torwoodlee and one at Bow Castle), we examined ancient wells and  fought our way through gorgeous Autumnal  woods. I think we may have found some tupperware in the process!

Littlest's friend was extremely polite about the whole thing, but I suspect he really does think his friend's Mum and Dad are insane now. Littlest let him share the gps, but he may not have been convinced that walking up the side of really steep hills to reach very old collapsed stone buildings was fun! He did quite like the coffin in Big Woods 'though.

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