As I said… I really don’t have time for this!

I've been up to my neck and then some recently – and of course the great festival of consumerism is rapidly approaching as well. I did originally intend to 'diary' at least once a week, but in order to do so, I have to be able to get at my laptop through the mounds of 'urgent' stickynotes on my desk (oh no, back to unrecognised words – stickynotes is obviously not in the dictionary). Today I'm off sick – something I really try not to do unless absolutely necessary – with a sandpapered throat and the kind of ear infection that makes standing up a whole new adventure. So, I've been able to totter around carefully and get a few jobs caught up on, whilst drinking mugs of lemon tea with honey in – and I have time to do this. Just.

The last couple of weeks have been hectic – we had Mum's seventieth birthday party, at a gorgeous hotel on the side of a loch – I can probably find a few photos to upload, but obviously they're of the scenery rather than the people. (What can I say?) It was a wonderful party, although enlivened by a touch of WVV amongst some of the party (mainly my nephew and sister-in-law). And then I worked for a week – still out of my office, still got a hole in the floor – whilst trying to catch up with the housework in the evenings.

It would have been too sensible to then have last weekend free, oh no, we had a DofE walk across the Pentlands (right across, from one side to the other, swapping mini-bus keys mid-way) which was good, but didn't get us home until well after dark, and we'd got up at 6am. I still can't really believe I do this for fun… I also managed to lose one of my gloves, so I'll have to get a new pair. I can ask for them for Christmas!

Glen Ogle viaductMonachyl Glen 3Monachyl Glen - path after rainMonachyl Glen - waterfalls
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