Still off…

But my desk is looking beautifully clear, and the house is tidyish. Boys aren't home from school yet, of course, so things will change…

I've been having to put almond oil into my ears myself today (handsome did it last night) and I think it's one of the impossible things they don't tell you about. Even using a pointed teaspoon I still end up with most of it dripping down my neck, oh well, it's supposed to be good for your skin. I considered walking down to the pharmacy in the village to get a dropper, but I suspect that might be worse – I'd need to aim! I gave up on the last lot, I'll just wait for littl'un to get in and make him do it. How do you do something like that if you live on your own? Train the cat?

Talking of which, the cat is extremely upset by the weather at the moment (wild and gusty with the occasional hail storm) and has been wandering around the house frantically mewling, obviously trying to find a room from which he can't hear the wind (not possible). He's currently curled up on my blanket in the rocking chair, which is better than last night, when he decided to go to sleep on top of my teapot. Presumably it was the warmest place he could find!

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