28 hours on a bus….

My boys left yesterday to go skiing with their school in Austria. They're still on the bus. I can't imagine what it must be like for their teachers to be on a bus for that long with forty eleven to eighteen-year-olds! But I am grateful. The kids will have a wonderful time, and it's an opportunity that we can't give them. Neither myself nor handsome can ski – I have no sense of balance, and he has no knees!

Eldest has been skiing before, several times now, with the school, and really enjoys it. This is youngest's first time, and he was a little apprehensive – until we arrived at the departure point and saw everyone else. He and his mate were happily ensconced in their seats with DS's running long before the waving-goodbye bit!

Both eldest and youngest think that I should think up more original names for them – perhaps I should – I'll think on't and perhaps rechristen them online for the new year. Handsome appears to be quite happy with his screen name…

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