still snowy

Today's walk was down by the River Tweed. Starting at Peebles we walked along the Tweed Walkway to the viaduct, crossed and came back below Neidpath Castle. We saw a dab chick in the Tweed (we didn't know what it was, but a passer-by kindly enlightened us), and now I've looked it up, apparently dab chick is an affectionate name for a Little Grebe. Supposedly there was a kingfisher around yesterday, but we didn't catch a glimpse today. Probably too cold!

The path was very slushy under the trees, particularly where snow overlay mud, after all it did rain a lot in December, and the Tweed  Walkway is prone to bogginess and the best of times! The snow everywhere looked very pretty, and it was fun to see so many kids on sledges in the park on the way back.

Eldest rang this morning to tell us that they were just about to start back, and to book beef for tomorrow's dinner! He obviously expects to be starving to death by the time they get back. It was a very brief call (call box) so that was about it. We're just about to go out to dinner ourselves – for my birthday meal, with almost my entire family. I'll miss my boys tonight, it's best to have them with us for family things.

I've just realised that I'm going to have to put my walking boots on to get into the car!

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