It has rained or sleeted or snowed (but horrible wet slushy snow) all day today. The daylight didn't really get through properly before it started getting dark. Thoroughly depressing. When me and S went for our lunchtime constitutional the rain was coming down in shedfuls – it was so bad that I was prepared to wear my horrible hat in public and where there are people who know me! So then I had hat-hair for the afternoon – oh well.

Coming home from work I was grateful that Handsome was driving, the roads were running with water, and the potholes were popping up all over the place (or possibly popping down?). There were floods in fields we've never seen floods in before, and the stream we drive across (I think it's the White Burn) was a small river and had burst its banks.

However, it has now stopped raining, and the forecast is considerable better for the next two days, so hopefully we'll dry out a bit…

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