busy, busy, busy

Life's been full of all these little extras recently, like vet appointments for the cat and optician's appointments and parents' evenings for the boys, so I haven't had a lot of time to do anything personal (like this), so tonight I'm taking some time between dishwasher loading and then emptying-and-laying-the-breakfast-table later on.

The mouse saga ended unhappily – having completely stripped out the washing machine and failed to find the mouse, we reluctantly have to replace the machine. It seems ridiculous, but the corpse must be between the drum and the bits you can get to, and the stench when you open the door is unbelievable – you can't wash anything in it! Thankfully, it is quite old and was beginning to leak, so I don't feel quite as annoyed as I would otherwise. I still can't really believe we can't get the dead rodent out.

We've had very stormy weather for the last week, with the result that our drive is badly flooded – and so is the garage, because the water runs downhill into it. On Friday Handsome had to back in right up to the steps by the back door to drop me off, otherwise I would have had to paddle – and obviously I had completely unsuitable shoes on for that!

On Thursday evening Handsome and I escaped to an Eels concert in Glasgow – we went straight there from work and left the boys to themselves for an evening. It was wonderful – funny and clever, and good music (although the sound quality left something to be desired when your seats were near the ceiling). I took a photo to prove I was there, but my camera isn't really up to taking pics in no light from vast distances…

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