spring is sprung, the grass is riz

Suddenly signs of Spring are everywhere – my early daffodils are flowering, and even the later ones are beginning to look big enough to pick and put into vases. Whilst walking the circuit with Handsome this afternoon, the sun was actually warm-ish on our backs, although it had been almost-hailing ten minutes earlier, and in fact did sleet about half an hour later…

But the real sign that spring is here are the lambs. We saw the first lamb of the year on Friday, on the way home from picking up Hairy Maclairy from the gym – he shot out of the car to take a photo of it for me so I could post it as proof. By Saturday afternoon we were seeing lambs everywhere, and there are a lot of very fat sheep around. I hope all those babies don't get too cold over the next couple of days, we do have more snow forecast, and high winds. But sheep always seem to huddle their lambs – protective instinct I suppose, and as Handsome points out, they do have woolly jumpers built in.

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