It's been a busy couple of weeks since Easter – lots and lots on. I like my life busy, as long as it's still this side of frantic. We bought Mouse a new bike for his forthcoming birthday, and after he'd sat on everything in the shop (Edinburgh Bike Co-op, the best bike shop ever), and enlisted the help of one of the staff, we discovered to our amazement, that he needs a nineteen-inch frame. That's huge. The helpful shop-person did say that it should do him until he's just over six feet tall… I don't know that I'd even thought about Mouse being over six feet tall before he's worn out a new bike!

The other small problem has been his birthday celebration. He wanted to go gorge-walking, and I found a local company who take kids (although I would have had to go too), and then we started looking at the actual kids we would be taking – Mouse has asthma, one of his friends has epilepsy, another has severe allergies. My risk assessment strategy determined that we would do something a bit tamer! The thing is, that Mouse and his friends are actually all get-out-there-and-go-for-it kids, and if you watched them tearing around, you'd never guess… So, after thinking about the cinema (boring), and the Science Centre in Glasgow (Mouse not sure if his mates would think it was geeky), we've settled on bowling followed by a games evening, fish and chips and a sleepover. All settled for the 3rd May. Now we just have to do the invites.

Despite the continuing snow, I have managed to get some seeds planted in the propagator, and greenhouse. And Hairy has started digging a trench along the front of the house where we are going to plant a beech and holly hedge, in an attempt to stop the litter blowing into the front garden whenever the wind blows hard enough to knock the bins over, which happens fairly frequently. I hope we have a clear enough weekend to get the beans and mange-tout and chard planted this Saturday.

We were out all last weekend with the Duke of Edinburgh kids (their practice), and we actually had to change the route on Saturday because of the overnight snowfall. I can't remember the last time we had so many snowfalls this late in the year. The kids coped really well with the changes, and the weather in general. The staff on the other hand, did not cope well with the mud at the campsite! Thank goodness I don't camp.

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