Happy Birthday Mouse!

Mouse finally made it to fourteen today – I've had my doubts recently about whether I was going to allow him to survive this long.. the teenage tantrums have been that good.

He had to go back to school on his birthday too – and his geography teacher made the class line up in birthday order so she could sort them into groups, wished him Happy Birthday out loud, and therefore let all the neds in his class know. So he has bruised arms from 'the dumps'. He's surprisingly not too upset about that, I think it counts as a sort of 'rite of passage'.

Handsome stayed on late tonight, so me and the boys had a mammoth game of Zombies – a birthday present from Mouse's 'agnostic-parent'. The boys had played before, at Christmas, and they're not too good at explaining rules until after they've annihilated you, so I lost. But I've worked out how Hairy MacLairy won, so they'd better watch out next time!

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