getting what I wished for

We've had a week of glorious weather, sunshine from early in the morning to late at night, and it has just been so wonderful! All the washing for the whole week has been dried outside (I love the smell of washing hung in the open air), and I've had windows wide open until the midges drive me to shut them, every evening.

But on Friday night I uttered those absolutely unforgivable words – "The garden could do with some rain…" Why did I do that? I suspect because I am really reluctant to use a hosepipe on the garden (we really do need to think about water use in this country), and it's one hell of a chore watering the garden from the water-butt.

So today, to pay me back, we've had storms, with the kind of thunder that rolls around and then comes back again, occasional lightening, and slightly less occasional very, very heavy rain. The drive and garage are flooded again, and I got drenched to the skin running back to the house from the greenhouse, although it was still so warm that I dried off almost instantly.

On the plus side, the vegetable beds are looking wonderful and well watered – and I had time tonight to write up a garden plan so that I can remember what was planted where and when. And the weather forecast says sunshine all next week too.

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