I stayed late at work tonight to do the first part of my first aid refresher course – this week assessing the situation, calling for help, recovery position, diabetes, asthma and fits. Next week CPR, bones, blood and burns.

How cheery.

I'm not being made to do this, it's not compulsory or anything, but it gives me a little confidence that if something did go wrong (crossing fingers and touching wood and turning three times clutching a four-leaved clover) whilst walking with other people's children – or my own, come to that – I would know what to do, and therefore be less likely to panic. At least that's the theory.

I was quite pleased with how much I remembered from last time, although there were some things that I had forgotten, and some things that have changed. When I last did the course, three years ago, we were told to check for circulation – the acronym was Drs ABC (Danger, Response, Shout, Airway, Breathing, Circulation), now it's just Drs AB, on the grounds that if they're not breathing, then there's probably no circulation anyway.

Apparently the numbers for CPR have changed as well, but we're doing that next time, so for the rest of this week and half of next, I can only deal with some emergencies.

I managed to nearly throttle my partner whilst putting her into the recovery position, because her beads got caught 'round her throat but she got her revenge by inflicting a nasty bra-wire injury in return. Neither of us had to check for breathing, because obviously you can't giggle that much if you're not breathing!


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