The start of a long weekend…

It's a local holiday this
weekend, so Handsome and myself had this afternoon off, and we have Monday to look forward to. He dashed off to Glentress with Hairy as soon as we got home today (Hairy's on exam leave, so only has to go to school on the days when he actually has exams), and I had a little quiet time, and made myself some real mint tea, with the first of the fresh mint from the garden. It tastes absolutely nothing like the mint tea I usually buy, it's much more delicate and tastes of green! The only problem is the tendency to find insects in the bottom of the teapot when I haven't been bothered to wash the mint properly… but at least they're boiled.

I collected Mouse from school this afternoon, something I can't do very often, although I wish I could. After we'd stashed two saxophones and a school bag in the car, we went for a wander around town. Naturally we started at the bookshop… luckily I've still got some book tokens left over from Christmas, because neither Mouse nor myself find it easy to leave a bookshop without a book. After that we headed for the ice cream shop, which is at the other end of town, so we get to walk up one side of the high street discussing flavours, and then down the other side eating them. Today we both had chocolate, and we bought two tubs for the freezer – one chocolate, one vanilla.

And then we came home, and I sat in the sunshine in my garden and read my book for a while, before I started to feel guilty about sitting around doing nothing, and felt obligated to do a bit of gardening… nothing too strenuous though, wouldn't want to spoil a perfect afternoon.

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