I had to go to hospital this afternoon – part of the ongoing pins-and-needles and dropping things stuff (although my younger brother reminded me recently that I always did drop things, just possibly not as much – thanks Jamie). After my appointment, I pulled out of the car park just in front of (but not close enough to be called carving up) a small black mini-ish thing with a very distinctive pink lump in the middle of the bonnet – I'm sure there's a technical name for it – Handsome might know – he says possibly air intake? Anyway, the point is, there was no way I could get confused about which car was following me.

This thing proceeded to follow me for miles – all the way through Wishaw, Carluke and Lanark. Once I thought I'd lost it at pedestrian lights, but a few minutes later it reappeared. Now it isn't beyond belief that the driver lived in the same direction that I do, and was merely taking the same route home, however – and this is the seriously creepy bit…

In Lanark, I stopped at Tescos. I bought a few things, came out, drove out of the car park – – – and was followed by the SAME CAR. All the way to the end of my road.


I'll make sure the doors are locked tonight.

The good thing about hospital waiting rooms? Lots of reading time!

The Complete Persepolis
Marjane Satrapi
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