A whole two and a half months for Handsome to wait…

Handsome is a huge Tom Waits fan (the graveliness is wafting through the house as we speak), and there was a half page ad in one of the weekend papers for two concert dates in the UK in July (both in Edinburgh, how lucky is that?). They went on sale via t'interweb this morning at 10 am, and Handsome was on the site hitting the refresh button every couple of seconds at 9:56 am.

He definitely has an

obsessive gene somewhere.

Luckily he got the tickets (at a price I don't want to think about) so tonight he's a really happy bunny. In fact the last time, and the time before, and the time before that, that I saw him this happy all had to do with cars… Guess we're going to a Tom Waits concert in July.

I looked out the kitchen window tonight, to see a woodpecker hanging off the peanut feeder. It's not an uncommon sight, although they are quite shy so you can't usually get close enough to take photographs (unlike the herons in Peebles). However this woodpecker was hanging upside down by his feet, and trying to peck through the bottom of the feeder. I wonder if he'd worked out why he wasn't getting any peanuts!

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