Peonies in the rain and soporific references

It has rained for a lot of today, in a quite fierce but normal Scottish summer way, completely unlike the mainly dry and sunny Scottish summer we have been having so far this year. My garden smells wonderful this evening – wet earth and grass and peony scented. My peonies are just starting to come out of their tight buds into something a little more dishevelled-looking, I know they'll be wonderful for about three days, and then they will just fall apart, as they always do. Ephemeral flowers, but very beautiful.

Peonies in the rainPeonies after rain

I think the garden's resident bunny is living in the peonies, certainly I've seen him run into the middle of that particular flower bed more than once when startled (or actually chased, if I can get out there fast enough). Although I appreciate that he is a very beautiful bunny, it has to be accepted that the reason he is so fat and healthy looking is because he's living on my future produce – the only thing he seems to leave alone at the moment is the lettuce, perhaps there's some truth in the old story, and he doesn't want to fall asleep in case I catch him and put him in a pie!

I was going to have a rant tonight, about people at work expecting me to be clairvoyant, and certain people not passing on important information, which other people then expect me to have known and acted on. And then – the horror – the first time ever I've attempted to blog at work, (and I was only going to write two words about how mildly annoyed I was at certain unnamed people), and I discovered it was firewalled! I can read, but I cannot create.

Probably just as well.

And I'm feeling much better now anyway.

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