I've been sorting through some old photographs recently, trying to date and place them, and scanning the ones I really like, or that bring back a particular moment. The receptacle I'm retrieving them from is a vast, open-topped plastic toy box (red), and over the years they've become quite jumbled up in there. Whenever the boys have needed a picture of themselves as a baby for school (biography projects and yearbooks), or I've looked for a particular photo to show someone, the heap filing system has got more and more disorganised, and I have to admit, too often I just piled things back in, with a 'deal-with-it-later' attitude.

The idea is, that if I go through them packet by packet, and sort out the pictures I particularly want, they can go on the hard drive, and the rest can get put away somewhere safe – like the loft. Mind you, I have had this theory before, and they all got tipped back in before I'd finished!

But I'm having a lovely time remembering past holidays and family events – I found some photos of my grandparents in their garden when Hairy was about 18 months old, and Mouse wasn't even imagined yet. And there are quite a few of Handsome's parents, and if you'd asked me, I would have said we had hardly any. All of these I am keeping aside to scan in at a later date, but I'm concentrating on photos of the boys first of all – I want to see if I can create a kind of time-line of them growing up in my Picasa album.

Look how he's grown!

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