Fridge trouble

Our fridge died today – just after we'd got home from the supermarket. After flipping all the switches, and checking all the connections, we accepted that it was probably new fridge time. Luckily we are a two-fridge family (beer fridge in the garage), so we were able to squash the food in. Handsome disconnected the kitchen fridge and dumped it outside, we left Hairy to clean the bit of floor where it had been (it's always absolutely awful when you move something that's been there forever), and set off to the nearest shopping area to get a new one.

Mouse came with us because he wanted a new Wii game.

It is impossible to buy a larder fridge that fits under a worktop, but is not fitted and does not have a freezer compartment. Completely. No problem if we'd wanted something six feet high with two doors and an instant ice making machine and the ability to defrost whatever you wanted for next Sunday dinner intuitively. But unfortunately that wouldn't fit in my kitchen.

So, back to the internet then.

Handsome spent some time this afternoon checking out Which online, and then attempting to find something that can be delivered before we go on holiday (on Wednesday). This may be impossible. He thinks he's ordered something anyway, but he can't check until business hours on Monday.

Knew I should have done it myself.

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