More fridge-ness

Handsome had to cancel the internet fridge – they could only deliver it while we were away – so today we ventured into the big city to attempt to find one that we could stuff in the back of the car (after all, it takes lots of rucksacks and tents) and bring home with us. I did dutifully look at all the cheap and reasonably priced fridges available that would fit in the existing kitchen-fridge gap, and then I bought this, which really was on the expensive side for a fridge. But all the drawers pull out – doesn't that make sense? And, more to the point the shop had one in stock, which we could collect from their warehouse in Leith. So now I am once more the proud owner of a working fridge.

There was a sign on the ticket machine in the car-park, which said 'Please mind your ticket as you will need it to exit' – a particularly Scottish use of 'mind' for 'remember' – I wonder what the hundreds of tourists think it's asking them to do?

Back home and (once the fridge was in and cooling down) time to pack. We were just about done when the power went off. Mouse still had his ipod and ds on charge (couldn't possibly manage a days travelling without them), Handsome was half way through trying to synchronise his camera with his birthday present gadget on his computer (a thingy that tells you where you've taken photos using gps technology), and we hadn't yet eaten, or in fact cooked. I 'phoned Scottish Power and got one of those 'we don't really know what's going on but your power is not coming back any time soon' messages, so we gave up and went to the Townhead chippie for tea.

Power's back now, which is lucky, 'cos otherwise I wouldn't have an internet connection to do this. Tomorrow we head off for Italy at some obscene hour in the morning, so any blogging will have to be by pencil and paper and retrospectiveness for the next ten days. Even if I had access to a computer, I can't see myself typing on the back of a bicycle!

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