Planes, trains and buses

I’m people
watching in Edinburgh
airport – god knows, there isn't much else to do! Its amazing what some people
think are suitable travelling clothes. What about the peroxide blonde with a
very short skirt and super-high heels? It would look better if it wasn't all so
tight! Why do Scots men travel in kilts. Surely that's just hot and itchy?

in Gatwick I had to help Handsome on a reading glasses hunt. He's managed to
leave his on the kitchen table at home. Hopefully that's all he's left behind.
Anything else, he'll have to do without. Mouse is nagging for a new ds game –
predictable – he's currently trying to negotiate 30p out of Hairy – I wish him
luck. Mama and Papa have gone for coffee, and I'm desperate for a cup of tea,
but I'm currently on bag watching duty.

Hugely annoyed with Handsome – after
buying new reading glasses at great expense, he found the others not on the
kitchen table but in his rucksack.

Later: Made it as far as Venice but the
plane was late (c'est la vie – can't say that in Italian (yet)) so we've missed
the bus we should have caught in order to catch the train we should have got,
so Handsome and Mama are trying to work out what to do now, I'm writing this on
my pda and the boys are being tetchy because they're hungry, tired and hungry
and no-one's in a state to do anything about it. Oh, and they’re hungry.

yet: At the railway station at last and we've actually worked out which
platform to stand on. And there should be a train soon, or within ten minutes.
And Handsome has fed the boys some temporary chips and bought some bottles of
water so everyone's a bit more cheerful.

Even later: I've just come back from
the restaurant ahead of the other grown ups so l can check that the boys went
straight to bed. They left immediately after eating without waiting for
coffee/hot chocolate. Way too tired. To go back to earlier, it was of course
the wrong train and as we didn't want to go to Milan,
we had to get out at Padua
and change – luckily so did a few locals, so we had people to follow. And even
more luckily, the pre-arranged taxi driver had waited at Vicenza, so we did actually make it to the
hotel. Now I too am going to give up and go to sleep! Tomorrow will be a better

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