Corny jokes


up the bikes, and took them out for our first day – a circular out of and back
into Marostica. Mama wasn't feeling too fit this morning so she and Papa turned
back fairly soon. She says it's only getting accustomed to the heat, I hope
that is the case. That left me as the main recipient of Mouse's jokes,
particularly the "look at all that corn, isn't it a-maizing" one,
which he made at least fifteen times and then got grumpy because I wasn't
laughing any more.

We had lunch at Breganze even although we'd only stopped for
cokes! Today's learning curve is we need to carry more water with us – Mouse
had drunk his share and mine before elevensies time, it took a while to
rehydrate, so we did it gradually over a long lunch. There have been some scary
junctions where we have to cross the main road, but on the whole, the route is
very quiet, Small pretty roads running through fields of maize and cherry trees
and vines. There are lots of very big houses.

Marostica is an ancient walled
town and every year they play a game of chess on a giant chess board right in
the middle of the town square and all the pieces are real people dressed up.
The story goes that back in the 15th century there were two suitors for a girl's hand. Rather than
have a traditional duel where one of them would die, they had a game of chess
and the winner got the girl and the loser got the sister!

All the afternoon
cycling was on the plain so thankfully mostly flattish which was good, because
I was really starting to have a sore bum! Got back to the hotel (Albergo Du Mori)
and dove for the shower – very necessary, cycling in 30 degrees is a sweaty business. Found Mama and Papa in a cafe in the central square so
we joined them for drinks and bought the boys proper ice creams (gelato) which
I then pinched bits of until they protested. They had chocolate mint and
strawberry, and they were gorgeous.

Had a wee daunder around town to see what
could be seen, and just now I'm sitting at a table at the back of the hotel
enjoying a little bit of a breeze and about to play cards with the boys.

Had pizza sitting around the square tonight. They close it to all cars from
7:30pm and the whole of the middle is taken over by small children running
around and playing games and generally being tired out by their parents. It all
feels very relaxed.

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