hill-climb to Asolo

to Asolo

Signing out of the hotel this morning, the lady at reception gave
Hairy the form to sign for their room. I had to explain to her that he was
underage and countersign it. She thought he was about twenty! He found this hugely

Lovely cycle to Bassano, where there is a beautiful covered wooden
bridge. We even had a little off-road stretch where I fell off came to an
unexpected halt as my front wheel skidded, thus causing Handsome to almost fall
off too as he was just behind me. We stopped for elevensies in Bassano; I had
iced peach tea, which is very refreshing, and not as sweet as I'd thought it
would be. There were loads of geese in the water under the bridge being very
deliberately picturesque. We took photos of the geese and photos of the bridge,
and then we cycled across the bridge, which was a bit dodge-the-pedestrian-ish.

A very pleasant run from Bassano to Asolo. I particularly enjoyed the bit from
Fonte Alto to Pagnano where I didn't have to pedal once for miles and miles. We
saw some big, big houses, the old palazzo mansions and some gorgeous churches
on top of hills. The actual climb into Asolo was kind of long and steep and hot
and went on for a very long time
. Well, a kilometer to be exact. Handsome and
Hairy cycled most of the way up. Mouse and me cycled up for about ten meters
and then got off and pushed. As Mama says, that's why they're called pushbikes.
A kilometer later Handsome came and rescued me, and took the bike off me for
the last three feet into Asolo. We got to the hotel hot, sweaty and disgusting,
and exhausted, to be told that the bikes were to be stored overnight in a
restaurant up the hill…

Later: showered, changed, had lunch. We're
practically back to normal again! The boys went back to the hotel to have some
quiet time (Hairy didn't sleep well last night) and we went for a wander around
town. I took loads of photos, and managed to fit in another cup of coffee.
After a couple of hours gentle pottering we picked up the boys and took them
for ice creams while the grown-ups had more iced tea. Mouse quite likes it too.
Found a restaurant for later on, and then it was time for grown-up quiet time
(can you siesta in Italy?).

The restaurant was really good – lots of fish dishes which suited the grown-ups
and Mouse, and some meat (carne) for Hairy. We ate on a roof terrace, and the
food and wine were excellent. The kids left at coffee time to get ice-cream at
the bar down the road – Handsome and I joined them a little later. Then we went
for a promenade and they went back to the hotel.



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