Around Solighetto

I got bitten last night (probably by ants) on my right
foot, so l will have to be more careful as it was particularly uncomfortable
cycling today. I felt as if my ankle was on fire by the time we got back.

this morning was lovely with plates of fresh fruit including huge redcurrants
still on their 'string', pomegranate juice, some gorgeous pastries, as well as
all the usual stuff – oh and cornflakes for Sam who has been suffering from
food-recognition deprivation syndrome.

He had two bowls.

We had a short run today just fifteen k,
which is just as well, as it was very, very, very hot. In fact sweltering. We
went from the hotel at Solighetto, through La Bella to Follina, where we
stopped for iced tea and cokes. I got twenty questions (in Italian then Pidgin
English) from a group of Italian cyclists, who obviously wanted to know who the
mad buggers on bright orange sit-up-and-beg road bikes were. I'm not sure I
managed an understandable answer, although I did try.

Then we had a wander
around the abbey there (Basilica Abbazia di Follina) which is a very pretty
Cistercian abbey. There was a wedding or something going on while we were
there, so we couldn't go all the way through, but there was still lots to look at in the cloisters and gardens. After that we had a bit of a long
uphill push to Miane, and then a wonderful long downhill no-pedals-required bit
almost all the way back.

We took the boys across the road for pizza once we got
back, and then me and Mama went for a short walk to find the restaurant where
we're booked in tonight.

Later: After a very humid and stuffy afternoon, we've
had a big thunderstorm and it is currently raining heavily. Mama and I went
across to the main entrance to the hotel and 'borrowed' two of their umbrellas. But as we have
about 500 meters to get to the restaurant tonight, along a main road with no pavement, and it is still raining heavily – I think we are going to get wet. However the
air is much clearer tonight

Later yet: Cracking thunderstorm on the walk back from the restaurant, with lightening streaking across the darkened sky repeatedly. Handsome and Mouse went back out with their cameras after we got in, I cowered in my room and tried to shut out the noise!

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