I’m not at all surprised that Venice is alleged to be the most beautiful city in the world

Water gate, Venice, Italy 2008
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy 2008
Gondolas, Venice, Italy 2008
Egret just standing there, Venice, Italy 2008
Faded grandeur, Venice, Italy 2008
Bridge of Sighs, Venice, Italy 2008


Wow. Venice is gorgeous. Ok, there
were far far too many people, but the buildings were so picturesque, that I could look past the people. We started
off at the market this morning with stalls and stalls full of fresh fish, fruit
and veg. It almost made me wish we were self-catering (until I thought about
dinner last night, and the swimming pool). After we'd done the obligatory look
at the Rialto Bridge and St. Mark's Square, we wandered
some of the less busy streets. We split up for a while: Hairy went to shop and
Handsome and I took Mouse to find a t-shirt that he could buy for himself. He
needed some help with sizing for the shirt, and some advice

on a present for
his best friend.

and I took about ten million photos…

 Met up with
everyone else again and went back on the vaporetta up to the Academia area for
lunch, and then we just wandered around and took the slow way back. I think I
could just potter around Venice
all day forever; there are so

many things to look at. We crossed back across on
a traghetto, where you have to stand up in the middle of the boat and there are men standing
at each end paddling. It was definitely on the scary side, not helped by Mouse
gripping on to me for dear life. We looked at some more shops and did some more
pottering, before heading back to Mogliano by train and cycling back to the

I hadn't
finished getting changed before the boys were knocking on the door to declare
in doom-laden voices that the swimming pool was closed. So I had to go to
reception, shadowed by two large, anxious, and unable-to-ask-for-themselves teenagers.
The receptionist told me that the weather had been bad all day (32 degrees, but
I'll accept a little overcast and windy) so no-one wanted to swim (except us)
so they'd sent the pool attendant home early. I whinged a bit in a positive
‘but we want to swim’ way and pointed out that the signs all said it closed at 7:30pm,
and they finally agreed to find us some towels and let us go in after I’d
assured than that both boys were strong swimmers and that I would stay with them.
The pool was lovely – cool and deserted except for us!

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