Murano and Venice

Palazzo, Venice, Italy 2008
Two ogres, Venice, Italy 2008
Mended bridge, Venice, Italy 2008
Lion doorknocker, Venice, Italy 2008
Greengrocer, Murano, Italy 2008
Gondolas 2, Venice, Italy 2008

birthday today, so we had cards at breakfast time. I've already given him his
birthday present as it needed to be set up in advance, but Mama and Papa gave
him a shirt and cardy (he's finally reached the age to be cardigan man!) and the kids gave
him cd ious.

Today we
were meant to be going around the islands – Murano and Burano – together, but unfortunately
Mama had her wallet pinched on the vaporetta, so she and Papa had to get off at
the next stop to report it to the police. It just shows how clever the
pickpockets in Venice
are, because we were all being careful, and Mama had her wallet in a belt bag, but
in a particularly squashed moment at a stop, someone managed to open the zip
and take the wallet.

We went on
to Murano, the long way round, which was very interesting because we saw things
like the dockyards, and the speedboat ambulances outside the hospital. We also
passed the island where everyone is buried. An odd thought, having a whole
island that is basically just a cemetery. Stravinsky is interred (I almost
wrote buried, but I suppose that wouldn’t actually be accurate) there; apart
from him I’ll be honest and say that I didn’t recognize any of the other
supposedly famous people named in the guide book.

itself was absolutely full of glass shops – and although I accept that everyone
has the right to like whatever they want, I can't believe that all of those
shops selling horrible glass animals can make a living… We did see people
blowing the glass which was interesting but spectacular in the complete lack of
any sort of health and safety regulation. Gloves? No. Eyeguards, boots, special
clothing of any sort? No. People wandering around in front of other people carrying
lumps of molten glass? Yes.

We decided
by common consent that we'd rather get lunch in Venice itself and see a bit more of the less
busy areas so we got the vaporetta back again. Had a lovely wander through the Castella
area, and bought lunch at a bakery (slices of pizza and a variety of biscotti)
and ate it sitting on the stone steps below a bridge watching the occasional
gondola go by. Hairy got grumpy on us because he was still hungry, so we bought
ice creams, and I phoned Mama to see how they were doing.

back down to meet Mama and Papa, Mouse insisted on doing a detour to take a
photo of an ogre (which he’d seen yesterday, and I hadn’t noticed) so I took a photo
of Mouse with an ogre pulling an ogre face – and he's quite a good looking boy

Back in
time to swim tonight, and the pool was open and attended, so I didn't have to
be a responsible adult.


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