Optical illusions and ice-cream

Vicenza to Edinburgh

I was
right, Vicenza
was lovely and potterable, and a great place to spend our last morning. We
visited the theatre, which was the first ever indoor theatre, and has a painted
trompe d’oeil backdrop for scenery. It’s all to do with perspective and
vanishing points and stuff like that, but it’s absolutely fascinating, because
if you sit at the top of the theatre it looks as if the streets are going
downhill, and if you sit at the bottom they look as if they’re going uphill,
and if you sit in the middle – well you can probably guess! Handsome spent some
time talking to Mouse about how it all works (Mouse is doing graphics next year
at school, and is actually interested in this stuff).

We bought our last Italian ice-creams (for this year anyway), and we ate them sitting next to a rather wonderful fountain.

Wandered up and down a few more streets, and looked at some pens that no-one in their right mind could afford, but Handsome coveted….

And then it was time to go. The trains were very hot and airless, and I'm afraid none of us were very nice to sit next to on the plane (sweatyness), but the staff at Gatwick only have themselves to blame for making me take off my boots – after all, I had cycled in them for six days…

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