Adventures in Fife

Mouse has had a busy day today. His best friend's mum, very generously got tickets for both of them for the Edinburgh Book Festival to see Robert Muchamore, Charlie Fletcher and Derek Landy. He was incredibly over-excited as I drove him into Livingston this morning, and spent most of the car journey working out what questions he could ask the authors – he came up with some good ones as well. Friends' mum and dad's plan involved dropping the boys off at the Book Festival, and then allowing them to have a big adventure and get the train back to Livingston by themselves.

They thoroughly enjoyed the authors, asked their questions, got free wallets with 'Cherub' on, and Derek Landy drew cartoons in both of Mouse's Skulduggery Pleasant books for him. Mouse had a little whinge at me about the fact that some of the adults at the Robert Muchamore session picked up more than their share of the free stuff, so there wasn't enough to go around. he was particularly dis-chuffed about the grown-up who took nine sets of Cherub dogtags to take home for kids who hadn't come, but it was a fairly minor moan. He still had a really great time. Both he and friend bought pre-release copies of the latest Cherub book, and tonight he's reserved the Charlie Fletcher books from the library (it's amazing what you can do on-line these days).

Then they went to Gamestation instead of lunch – fourteen and fifteen year old boys have somewhat different priorities from the rest of us, and obviously Gamestation is a major priority. However, I'm a little surprised that lunch wasn't almost as big a priority, usually Mouse eats for Scotland. And then they went for the train – and got on the wrong one, so they went to Inverkeithing instead of Livingston!

Luckily they got off at Inverkeithing, because it was the Inverness train they were on, so if they hadn't realised and got off when they did, someone would have had a long drive to get them. We probably could have sent Handsome with the big yellow mini-bus, as he's currently the closest, but that would have involved him abandoning a Duke of Edinburgh gold group in the Highlands somewhere. Friend's mum went to get them, and then took them back to her house for lunch (because they still hadn't eaten anything).

What a lovely person she is.

As far as Mouse is concerned a perfect day was made even more perfect, because the great train mistake meant that they went over the Forth Rail Bridge. I'm quite jealous, I've never done that.

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1 Response to Adventures in Fife

  1. jqlr says:

    [this is good] “Friend’s Mum went to get them”??? Typing in my official capacity of “Friend’s Dad” I feel that I must point out that it was me! Still it got me out of housework.

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