Mouse went back to school…

Mouse went back to school today – I think he was looking forward to it, but you'll never actually get a fourteen-year-old boy to admit that, way too uncool. However, obvious indicators – he was making his own lunch by the time I got along to the kitchen this morning; he was cheerful; his bag was packed last night; he didn't make any fuss at all about being told to watch his time so as not to miss the bus…

He's come home tonight full of his day, and with a school bag full of forms – all forms of form. He has a data check form, which I have to sign to confirm that he still lives at the same house with the same people. There's a form for Geography which gives permission for him to do field work 'in the immediate area of the school' – so that'll be up the street then, somewhere he goes at lunchtime by himself. There's a form which allows them to take photographs and video of him, although I signed one of these at the end of last year, and it's not dated, so now they have permission twice. There's a uniform form (and it's not the same as the others) which luckily we don't need, and a form from Graphics which enables us to buy things for him to draw with, which thankfully, we also don't need.

And best of all, there's a form asking if we mind if the school contacts us by email, so that they can help their 'ecoschool' status by not using paper. Why didn't they send us that form first, and then email the rest later?

And just to top it all off, I got a text message from the school this evening, to say that they'll be closed on Wednesday because of strike action – he only went back today!

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