Itunes hell

I have spent rather more spare time than I had last night and tonight trying to get I tunes to work. I started downloading something on Sunday night, and it froze half-way through, so I had to switch off the computer before it had finished. I went back in last night and hit the 'continue' button, it put my half-completed download into the download box, and then told me it couldn't connect to the I tunes store. Everything else worked just fine – except the download which sat there spinning gently and advancing not at all.

So eventually I gave up again.

I checked Itunes at work today, and it all seemed to be hunky-dory, so tonight I went back in…. guess what? So, I scanned help desks and forums and faqs – nothing seemed to be exactly the same problem as me, and an awful lot of the advice given seemed to involve uninstalling major bits of software, and basically mucking with things on a level of technicality that I prefer not to go into.

I switched Norton off and on again and went to have dinner. It was very nice, but had a 'P' theme – pork, potatoes, peas and peppers, followed by pears – I truly hope that it was accident, not design on Handsome's part, although I may have mentioned previously that he can be a bit obsessive sometimes.

After dinner I returned to the computer, loaded I tunes, and it worked.

And I still don't know what I did, but it looks like Norton…

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