concrete overshoes

Mouse 'phoned me at work this afternoon, to tell me that our gorgeous, but blind and stupid cat, Casper, had been paddling in next door's newly laid concrete. He described him as having four hard feet. My initial (but obviously very wrong) reaction was to tell him not to let the cat go swimming… but as one of my colleagues – merely from listening to my end of the 'phone conversation – was already more upset about the cat than I was, I thought I'd better stay sensible.

I suggested that Mouse phoned the vet, and asked for advice while I called Handsome and told him to be ready for a fast getaway. Mouse called me back to say that the vet said to bring Casper in as soon as possible, so we did just that (with a short delay while we located the cat basket and wrapped him in a towel to stop him licking any more concrete off his paws).

It wasn't until I talked to the vet that I realised that this is potentially quite serious for the stupid cat. Cement is poisonous, and cats automatically clean their paws, so he's probably eaten quite a bit. Also, because cement is quite acidic, it may cause ulcers even if he hasn't eaten enough to poison himself – and we won't know how much damage he's done for a few days. The vet's surgery were really good – they've injected him with antacids, given me something with a weird dropper that I've got to force down his throat morning and evening, and shaved his paws and tummy. They gave him a shower too – apparently he wasn't impressed.

He looks a bit odd and scrawny and hairless now.

The hardest bit is going to be keeping him inside, he's already scrabbling frantically at the (locked) catflap.

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