cycling and ice cream

Today was a day for cycling – we set off along the path to Fishbourne at the back of C&G's house. Altough marked as a footpath, C said that he had cycled it and it was perfectly ok – possibly true on a better bike than mine, I got a bit bogged down in the very muddy bits. We dropped into the Roman palace again, as Handsome had managed to leave his camera there yesterday morning and we had to pick it up.

From there we picked up a cycle path called the Salterns Way which took us by various meanders to West Wittering. We went down to the beach there, which was gorgeous and empty and windswept. C says that there can be thousands and thousands and thousands of people on that beach in summer, and the queue for the carpark goes back to the main road. I think we saw five other people (not including the horses galloping across the sands – well that was what my romantic imagination thought they should be doing, in reality they were pacing sedately). The bikes grounded a little in the sand, so we had to leave them on the dunes at the top of the beach.

Sand, West Wittering Beach, October 2008West Wittering Beach, October 2008Bike on beach, West Wittering, October 2008

Had lunch in a pub with the odd name of The Old House at Home – I need to google that and find out why it's called that, especially as there are two pubs with that name around here. (Did that, still no idea).

After lunch we headed back along the cycle path as far as Itchenor, where the foot ferry from Bosham (it rejoices in the wonderful name of the Itchy Bosom Ferry) comes in in summer. When it's running. As it isn't running just now, we sat and looked at the boats for a bit, then headed off to Chichester Marina where Handsome and myself did a geocache, and Luke had a puncture… There are a row of gorgeous houseboats along the canal there – not at all modern and sleek like the boats on the marina, but lived-in-looking and characterful.

Then we came back to Bosham for ice cream.

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