Stoneheart day

Today was our big day out in London – the train service from A&J's is regular and easy and only takes about thirty minutes, so we left straight after breakfast. Our plans were mostly vague with some specifics – Mouse wanted to see famous places as well as some of the statues in a book he's read recently; I wanted to see the reconstruction of the Globe Theatre; Handsome said he was happy just to wander. So wander we did.

We started at Hyde Park Corner, looked at the Gunner, went past Buck Pally and through St James park to Big Ben and Westminster. We crossed Westminster Bridge to the London Eye, but Handsome and Mouse decided that they didn't really want to go on it. It's my idea of hell being shut in a small glass box and then hoisted up into the air, but I was quite happy to sit and have a cup of coffee if they wanted to experience hell…

War Memorial, Hyde Park Corner, October 2008London Eye, October 2008

We walked along to the footpath at Embankment through a positive crowd of living statues. Quite creepy, although clever and well done – no, come to think of it, just creepy. Crossed the bridge and walked down to Cleopatra's Needle and ad a chat with the Sphinxes. Luckily Mouse knew the answer to their riddle so we carried on as far down as Blackfriars Bridge. Waved to the Black Friar, then crossed the bridge to the Tate Modern.

There was a piece of (absolutely huge) installation art involving bunk beds in blue and yellow, a giant spider, damp paperbacks and a screen which sometimes showed falling rain and sometimes showed clips from famous science fiction films. I didn't get it.

Had lunch at the Swan at the Globe – very expensive, very posy, very very nice food. It'll be even more expensive, because Handsome managed to break a tooth on a seedy roll… Then into the Globe, where you have to go 'round in a tour. I loved the Globe, even Mouse enjoyed it (or perhaps he was just pretending well). The only downer was that they were re-thatching the roof, so there was a certain amount of scaffolding about.

back over on the Millennium bridge to St Paul's and walked from there down to
Fleet Street (avoided getting too close to the Fleet Street Dragon, but had a
chat with Dictionary at Aldgate). Carried on via a coffee stop,down the Strand
to Trafalger Squat and Nelson's Column. By this point we'd all had enough, so
we hopped on to the tube to work our way back to Marylebone Station.

Mouse and my tickets stopped working quite early on today, which quite frankly was a bit of a pain as we had to find someone to let us through all the automatic gates, while Handsome just sailed through. 

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