Is that a Dutch registration plate?

I've just been reading a friend's blog, and exactly at the moment when I left the page, I thought 'Hang on, that's not his car!' – now I'm going to have to ask him why he's put a picture of someone else's car on his blog.

Hairy's been home for the weekend; I picked him up at the station on Friday and Handsome is currently taking him back to his hall in Glasgow tonight. I'm missing him again already. He came home for some decent food and to get help with a CV in an attempt to actually earn some money. I'm amazed, but it would be a relief if he at least got a part-time job, or something for the exceptionally long Christmas break. However, I'm not holding my breath, much as I love him, I suspect he's currently unemployable unless the shop concerned particularly wants a long-haired geek – perhaps he stands a chance in Games Workshop…

He's looking a little thinner than he was last time I saw him (in daylight) which was about four weeks ago. He still dislikes the hall food, which is a problem, especially as we're paying huge amounts for it. He also claims that the portions are too small for a growing lad. I suspect that some of his new lean, mean, fighting machine look is down to the Medieval fighting thingy (hitting each other with big swords bits of wood), and some may be down to walking to and from the centre of Glasgow from his hall – it's about an hours walk.

It was nice to have him home for a whole two days, I miss his hugs when he's not here.

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One Response to Is that a Dutch registration plate?

  1. jqlr says:

    Yes, it’s a dutch plate. I was away from home when I put the photo up and didn’t have a pic of my car. Soon to be corrected.

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