spiralling out of control

I suspect that I'm not very good at being in control of things. I'm finding, particularly at the moment, that if I take the time to get one thing (like the kitchen cupboards for instance) under control, everything else falls to pieces and I turn round to find out that I've got a week's worth of washing that somehow I've overlooked, or that the lounge is full to the gunnels of stuff that should be somewhere else. If I take the time to keep the generic clutter down in the lounge, Mouse takes over the study with his warhammer stuff and creates a sort of goth-horror model railway airfix breeding thingy. No win situation.

The thing is, it's happening to me at work too. Today I spent most of the day dealing with a 'priority' job (which did need to be done today), tomorrow I will have to work on the two things which got put off so that I could do the priority job today. That leaves Friday to do all the other stuff which needs to be done every day – in effect, housework – assuming that nothing else has arrived on my desk which needs to be done first…

I'm just too far down the chain, everyone else passes everything that has to be done downwards – to me – and I don't have anyone below me to pass it down to, I just have to do it. I think that applies to both home and work.

But I am really, really good at being easily distracted – it's amazing how far from a search query I can end up on t'web; if there's a link there I'll follow it. Today I started at the Guardian Book Club and ended up at a cartoon about a bear and a bird.  And then there's the books – honestly, no-one should have allowed me to work with books.

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2 Responses to spiralling out of control

  1. Mike Dutton says:

    [this is good] I would love to see the trail that led you from the Guardian Book Club to my cartoon strip. Partially to benefit my marketing research, but mostly for my own amusement, as I am just as bad at prioritizing my online time…. er, all my time, really.At any rate, thank you for linking my website. 🙂

  2. Jerusha says:

    Oh, if only I knew how I got there! I know that I went via Bookwitch, Neil Gaiman’s site and Technorati… if any of that helps. However, I don’t need to go that way again, because I have now subscribed to your wonderful cartoon strip. 

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