We finally got around to putting the Christmas tree up tonight. Whilst Handsome was safely out of the way playing cards with old ladies, Mouse and I did the artistic bit with the tree. In my defence, I genuinely think that the tree shouldn't go up until the week before Christmas, or otherwise it's lost all its needles before New Year. And Christmas goes on for far too long these days, no point in having it before now. Nothing whatsoever to do with not getting round to actually buying it…

We don't have one of those sophisticated, gorgeous Christmas trees. We have a family tree, which has all the ornaments that we've collected over the years (including the ones the kids made at primary school), some of which are elegant, some of which are rubbish, and none of which match…

It looks much better than the picture, because the red and white lights don't show up for some (probably obvious to a photographer) reason.

And there are more presents under it now… always a good thing.

The cat thinks the tree is especially for him. I heard a strange rustling sound earlier on, turned around, and there he was – half way up, clinging by one paw and batting baubles off with the other. He's broken two already. Luckily I've got  spares. Baubles, not cats.

I'm feeling all Christmassy and festive now, I think I'll go and wrap some pressies.

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