It was my birthday today, and unusually, I had to go back to work on it. Not that I have any right or need to whinge, as I'd managed to get a whole weekend of celebrating my birthday purely on the grounds that I was going to have to go back to work today… And to add icing to the cake (only I didn't get a cake because my family took me out to dinner instead, much better) the second person I saw at work remembered that it was my birthday and wished me a happy one. It set me up for the whole day!

And, my family are wonderful people, who know (even if they don't all understand) about my need for gadgets and gizmos, and who pander to me outrageously. So, Handsome and the boys bought me one of these

…and have spent most of this evening laughing at me attempting to hula-hoop on a wobble balance board. But I'm better than them at stepping… and lousy at jogging, because I'm more worried about whether the bookcase is going to fall over than whether my trainer is still in sight! I foresee hours of fun, and a need to keep more batteries on charge.

And Mama and Papa bought me a much-coveted

…which I didn't dare ask anyone for. It's beautiful and shiny and fits snugly into the back of my handbag where I can stroke it gently at intervals. Once I've got some more books onto it I'll be able to read it too! Luckily I have Waterstones tokens left over from Christmas, and I can buy ebooks online with them. Now all I have to do is work out what to buy.

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