going up the wall

or what Handsome described as 'Social Climbing'.

We took our Duke of Edinburgh group rock climbing on Friday, at the indoor climbing centre, which is really a great big quarry with a glassed over roof, at Ratho. The idea was to do a little bit of team-building, some stuff about relying on and trusting each other, that kind of thing. It looked good when we asked for permission to take them out.

The kids had an amazing time. They had been behaving like over-excited eight-year-olds whilst on the bus and when we were waiting for our instructors to arrive, but once we got in there they calmed down (well all but one) and listened, and then they just got on with it, slinking up walls as if they were born to climb. One of them had a bit of a problem with descending, but apart from that, you would have thought they'd been doing it forever.

However, I wasn't prepared for how much I loved it. I have climbed before – I worked it out as fifteen years ago, it was certainly before Mouse was born – at Alien Rock in Edinburgh, but I don't remember enjoying it as much as I did this time. Even 'though I didn't manage to get to the top of any of the climbs. Obviously, that just gives me the perfect excuse to go back and try again. I wasn't even aware of any aches and pains the following day either – apart from the enormous bruise across my right knee, which I have no memory of inflicting. Perhaps this is something I can do…

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