no show snow

Mouse had a stupendously huge mega-grump this morning because not only had no more snow fallen, but there was actually considerably less than yesterday. His school bus made it in to school absolutely fine yesterday, despite snowy roads, and then he got to stay in school all day, whilst always hoping he'd be sent home any minute. It never happened (oh good), even although the snow kept falling.

And then last night the forecasts mentioned lots more snow overnight… all schools in Borders (the next-door region) closed… the wind started to rise… the sky clouded over… everything looked promising for a day of x-boxing – and then  it was his bedtime.

And when he woke up this morning, it was obvious that he was going to school.

For once, he couldn't even blame me, although he had a damn good try. I may have super-powers, but I definitely cannot control the weather.

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