Yellow minibus, red nose

Out walking in the Pentlands today, with the Bronze and Silver groups (not ours), only Handsome and I didn't really get to do very much walking, as we were check pointing roughly in the middle. He had to rush off and divert a lost group back in the direction of the path (unfortunately it was the one with Mouse in…embarrassing for both him and Mouse), and I had a few strolls to see if I could see overdue groups approaching, but an awful lot of the day was spent in the yellow minibus with the red nose.

The kids were all dressed up – they were sponsored to 'look funny for money' for Comic Relief, which was yesterday – the other walkers in the Pentlands were most amused. We had facepaints; pink pyjamas; deelyboppers; cowboy hats; two kids with the total red look, including wigs; mankinis (over the walking clothes, I promise); superman underpants (ditto) and Mouse in a lion costume. It was quite muddy by the time he got back!

I started off wearing deelyboppers too (in red), but the winds were quite high today, and they were behaving a bit like upside-down clackers – when I went in the shower tonight I discovered that my hair was full of red glitter – I hope it wasn't too noticeable when I was talking to some of the kids parents at collection time.

Obviously I can't post photos of other people's kids, but there's nothing stopping me from posting the minibus.

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