Coming back down to Earth

en a somewhat
frenzied week – Mouse has been rehearsing his socks off (no actually,
his father's socks because he doesn't have any white ones, and he
needed white socks for an Abba number… ) including a full evening
rehearsal (until past his usual bedtime) on Wednesday, prior to the
actual show on
Thursday and Friday. It seems a little strange to think that it's the
last time
we'll go to a school show in that hall. After the summer the school
will have moved to
the new building, where they will not have a permanent stage, although
there will be a temporary one. I hope it doesn't change the school
enthusiasm for music evenings, shows and musicals.

Mouse's Best Friend has been staying with us over the weekend, so that his parents could have a child-free wedding anniversary break. I had a plan that involved the boys sleeping in different rooms – BF in Mouse's room, and Mouse in Hairy's room – so that Mouse didn't wake up BF too early in the morning. I can't put visitors in Hairy's bed, because he chose a very high platform bed for his room. Even though we pointed out at the time that there was only going to be about two feet of clearance to the ceiling, he insisted. It's impossible to get in and out of Hairy's bed without performing contortions, or hitting your head off the ceiling, so I can only sleep family in it. The plan, however, didn't come to fruition, because Hairy announced on Thursday that he was coming home for the weekend, to pick up his bike.

I offered Mouse the choice of the fold-down settee bed in the playroom, or a sleeping bag on his bedroom floor. He chose the floor, and appeared to be happy about it. Teenagers are strange.

Poor BF may have suffered a little this weekend, although I did my best to let him and Mouse play the X-box as much as humanly possible. But he did have to come to Mouse's show (because I wasn't prepared to leave him at home alone, and Hairy wasn't back yet) and he did have to come to the dentist with us, although I didn't make him have his teeth checked! And he did have to come climbing with us on Sunday, because, well because I wanted to go, and I thought it would be good for all the boys to have some exercise that didn't involve thumbs.

This week is going to be spent not sympathising with Mouse, who has exams all this week and all next week, and who has done absolutely no work whatsover, despite large amounts of hinting, reminding and nagging vocal caring. If he does well, he'll think that it's ok not to work, and if he does badly, it'll be my fault. 

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